Private Purpose :

· Land surveying, research, investigation for any land or existing building to obtain the     necessary public approvals and certifications for the purchase of it.
· Design of construction and landscaping.
· Static’s studies and calculations.
· Mechanical studies and calculations.
· Undertaking of any construction, as contractors or project managers.
· Permissions for building, renovating, use, operate business.
· Illegalization of existing buildings according the Law “4178/2013“
· Issue of all the necessary certifications for buying, renting, etc.

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Business Purpose :
· After all the necessary studies and design as above,
· Issue of the permissions and all the necessary certifications.
· Approvals of the studies from the public organizations (Touristic organization, Municipality, prefecture etc)
· The undertaking of any construction, as contractors or project managers.
· Managing and servicing during the operation.
· Financial managing.
· Classified advertisements